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標題:Breeze of Freshness in Xinpu
建立日期 : 2011-11-14
點閱次數 : 964

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01.  12月25日佳霖和秀之,從新竹出發,我和秀之都記著林崇偉老師的叮嚀,先在目標明顯的新埔鎮農會拍個照,再把黑色小機拿出來拜天公,
On December 25th, SIOU-JHIH and I set off from Hsinchu.
We both remembered teacher Chongwei Lin's words to take a picture of Xinpu Township Farmers' Association, and then look out Xinpu, here we come .....


02.  在去福祥的路上,我和秀之偶而遇見了木炭窯,這是守窯人,這種非規劃中的行程,真是意外之喜
On the way to Fuxiang, SIOU-JHIH and I occasionally saw charcoal kilns. This is the person who keeps the charcoal kilns.
This kind of unplanned trip was really a pleasant surprise.


03.  這張照片拍時很不穩定,但是照片我很喜歡,因為守窯人的辛勞,讓我想起了紀錄片「麥客」,那些彎腰辛勤收割麥子的農工,他們身上帶著認真生活的痕跡
I'm very partial to this photo, although the camera was a bit shakened.
The kiln keeper's efforts reminds me of the documentary film, Gleaners.
Those farmers industriously reaping the wheat revealed their aptitude to life.


04.  這一位是木炭窯的老板,木材取自龍眼樹,販售地點在新埔鎮自家店面,招牌寫著雅芳,後來我跟秀之真的有找到喔,我們很認真的
This is the boss of the charcoal kiln. The wood was from the longan trees.
SIOU-JHIH and I did find the shop selling it. The shop is their own with a sign written "Avon".


05.  福祥的招牌小的幾乎看不到,我和秀之差點錯過,這點,我們沒忘記跟老板反應。
Fuxiang's sign was too small to see that SIOU-JHIH and I almost missed it.
At this point, we did not forget to tell the owner.


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06.  帶點夢幻色彩的餐廳,未來會販售有關多肉植物的茶點,很令人期待!倒茶的帥哥是第二代的嚴國維先生
The restaurant with a bit fantastic hue will sell more refreshment with succulents plants as the ingredient, it's very exciting.
The handsome guy pouring a cup of tea is the second generation boss Mr.Guowei Yen.


07.  這是福祥園藝中心的嚴老板父子倆人,左邊的是嚴永祥老板,右邊是第二代嚴國維先生,兩代人的互動模式很有趣,嚴永祥老板人比較嚴謹,有話就說,明快而爽朗,嚴國維先生,進入社會接下父親的經營之路不久,但是很有個人的想法及理想,有我和秀之兩個外人在,剛開始小嚴先生真的有點害羞,可是隨著互動愈來愈多,他的話也愈談愈多,愈來愈深入,希望年後餐廳開幕時能再去拜訪一次
These are Fuxiang garden center's owners. The left one is the boss Mr. Yong Xiang Yen, and the right one is Mr. Guo Wei Yen, the second generation of owner.The interaction between them is very interesting.
Mr. Yong xiang Yen is a straightforward person, yet Mr. Yan Guowei, in contrast, is shyer when SIOU-JHIH and I were on the scene.
Although  it's not so long ago that Mr.Guo Wei Yen took over his father's business,
he has his thoughts and ideals on how to run the business.
With more interation bewteen Mr. Guo Wei Yan, the more he talked to us.
We hope that we can pay a visit to the restaurant after Chinese New year.


08.  不同品種的仙人掌組合在一起,形成一個小小的掌中乾坤,各異其趣,想像它擺在窗台、辦公室的樣子,是不是很有意思?
It's interesting that different species of cactus put together can create a miniature and different kind of universe.
Imagine the cactus be put on the windowsill or in the office, isn't it interesting?


09.  往福祥的路上會經過北平國小,學校的樓梯被彩繪成一幅畫,極具巧思。
On the way to  Fuxiang will pass through Beiping elementary school. On the ladder of the school, painted a delicate picture.


10.  從福祥出來的路上經過廢棄的大平製茶工廠,望著一長排已棄置的房子,隱約可見昔日的繁華
On the way leaving Fuxiang, we passed by the abandoned Daping tea fatory.
Looking at a row of abandoned houses, the prosperity in the past seemed visible.


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11.  風呼呼的吹,天氣很陰冷,但是新埔人的熱情卻是滿滿,我們逛著一片又一片的田,感受著冬日的另一種新埔風情
The wind was whistling, the weather was cloudy and cold, but we could still feel the passion of the Xinpu people.
We took a stroll beside the fields, feeling another kind of Xinpu in winter.




13.  在我的眼中美週的鄰居真的是非常樸實熱情的農人,右邊的是弟弟,左邊的是哥哥。
In my mind,美週's neighbors are plain and passionate farmers. The right one is the younger brother, and the left one is the older brother.


14.  秀之和我對旺來的路不熟,還好有美週及美週的先生開車帶我們,才順利找到目的地,邱老板正在等侯我們,那時新埔下了凍雨,真是透心涼丫
秀之 and I were not familiar to Wanglai. So thanks to 美週 and 美週's husband, we got to the destination successfully.
Mr. Chiu had been waiting when we arrived. It was raining when we got there, it was especially cool.


15.  旺來的邱老板是個很有想法的人,這是農場的餐廳,巧妙的用瓜棚為餐廳屋頂,希望邱老板趕快將餐廳整理好,讓大家可以假日來玩!
Mr. Chiu is a person who has his own thoughts. This is the restaurant in the farm, ingeniously roofed by melon awning.
Hope the restaurant will soon be ready so that everyone can have fun here.


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16.  這是旺來農場的邱老板,我覺得他是一位人生歷練很有趣的人,他談到在很偶然的機會下成為美國公民,又在很偶然的機會回到台灣開啟了有機農業,這麼多的偶然,我發現成功是必然,因為他抓住了契機。
This is Wanglai farm's owner Mr. Chiu, who had an intersting life experience.
He spoke of becoming an American citizen by chance, but also by chance, happened to return to Taiwan
to start his organic agriculture, so many chances, I found that success is inevitable,
because he grabbed the opportunity.


17.  這位就是美週的先生,他幫忙很多,很感謝他!這張看板是有關旺來農場的報導
This is Mr. Zhou Di 美週's husband, he helped us a lot, we were very grateful to him!
This billboard displays reports on Wanglai farm.




19.  老板帶著我和秀之參觀農場,望著一個個溫室,想著老板如何把每一片如同套房大小般的土地,整併後蓋起了一個個溫室,不禁對邱老板的毅力感到折服!
And so the boss gave us a tour around the farm, we looked at a greenhouse,
thinking how the boss managed to join suite-sized land together and later built an entire greenhouse on it,
we can not help but feel impressed by the perseverance of Mr. Qiu!


20.  旺來農場老板很熱情的帶著我和秀之去逛祖厝,外表看起來純台式,但是裡面的格局卻帶點美式的味道,這點反應了老板的人生歷練

Wanglai farm owner is very enthusiastic and showed us the ancestral home,
the appearance looks pure Taiwanes, but interior style, however, is a little American, which reflects the owner's life experience


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21.  這裡一畦畦的菜,也是邱老板家的,邱老板是個辛勤有理想的菜農。
Here is a stretch of vegetables, which belongs to Mr. Chiu. Mr Chiu is a hardworking vegetable farmer with his ideals.


22.  旺來的邱老板帶我們爬上後山,爬的我上氣不接下氣,可是風景卻是。。。。無價
Mr Chiu took us up the mountain, I was so out of breath, but the scenery was just so. . . . priceless


23.  循著老板的介紹,我們找到了他口中說的雅芳招牌的店面,門口果然掛著木炭出售的牌子,還有一大堆水晶、觀賞石頭的商品,
Following the boss's introduction, we found the shop with a sign bearing "Avon",
the door did have a sign sayin they sell charcoals hanging from it, and a bunch of crystals, ornamental stone products, it appeared that the boss was aware of multi-angled management!

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